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Product types
Tube - plastic
Apparel - Team Clothes
Foam - construction
Airplane - ARF
Battery accessory
Battery charger
Brushless ESC
Brushless ESC - water cooled
Brushless motor
Brushless motor set - complete
Brushless motor - DIY kit
Combo pack
EDF unit
EDF Ducting
Connector - electrical
Rotor blade
Helicopter - nitro
Battery pack - LiFe
Lipo balancer
Lipo balancing cable
Battery pack - LiPo
Measuring device
Motor mount
Nitro fuel
Pinion gear
Power Tool
Power Tool Accessory
Power Tool Set (drill etc)
Propeller adapter
Propeller - 2-bladed
Propeller - 3-bladed
Propeller - 4-bladed
Landing gear - retractable
Scale Cockpit
Servo arm
Servo extension cable
Servo replacement gear set
Servo set, complete w. cables
Silicone oil
Spare part
Airplane - spare part
Helicopter - spare part
Speed boat - RTR
Starter battery
Tuning part
Voltage regulator
Wheel spat
Protection bag/suncover

New products
Hyperion 6-Pin Pack-side Balance Connector, HP-style for 5S
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Hyperion ATLAS Electronic Speed Controllers (Number: atlas, Sorting: 0)
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HP-ATLAS-012LB Hyperion ATLAS 12A 4S ESC, Linear BEC
€ 33,58
HP-ATLAS-035LB Hyperion ATLAS 35A 4S ESC, Linear BEC
€ 57,57
HP-ATLAS-045LB Hyperion ATLAS 45A 4S ESC, Linear BEC
€ 62,37
HP-ATLAS-060LB Hyperion ATLAS 60A 4S ESC, Linear BEC
€ 76,76
HP-ATLAS-070LB Hyperion ATLAS 70A 4S ESC, Linear BEC
€ 81,56
HP-ATLAS-110LB Hyperion ATLAS 110A 4S ESC, Linear BEC
€ 110,35
HP-ATLAS-030SB Hyperion ATLAS 30A 6S ESC, Switching BEC
€ 95,96
HP-ATLAS-045SB Hyperion ATLAS 45A 6S ESC, Switching BEC
€ 115,15
HP-ATLAS-180SB Hyperion ATLAS 180A 6S ESC, Switching BEC
€ 201,52
HP-ATLAS-090OP Hyperion ATLAS 90A 12S ESC, OPTO (no BEC)
€ 191,93
HP-ATLAS-IRTX Hyperion InfraRed Programming Transmitter for ATLAS ESC
€ 6,71
HP-ATLAS-IRRX Hyperion InfraRed Programming Receiver for ATLAS ESC
€ 6,71

Castle Creations Thunderbird Controllers (Number: cc-thunderbird, Sorting: 100)
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CC-010-0055-00 Castle Creations Thunderbird 6
€ 39,65
CC-010-0057-00 Castle Creations Thunderbird 9
€ 49,67
CC-010-0051-00 Castle Creations Thunderbird 36
€ 67,36
CC-010-0053-00 Castle Creations Thunderbird 54
€ 75,59

Castle Creations PHOENIX Controllers (Number: Castle Creations PHOENIX controllers, Sorting: 200)
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CC-010-0026-00 Castle Creations Phoenix 35
€ 99,97
CC-010-0027-00 Castle Creations Phoenix 45
€ 126,73
CC-010-0036-00 Castle Creations Phoenix 60
€ 136,49
CC-010-0037-00 Castle Creations Phoenix 80
€ 152,27
CC-010-0033-00 Castle Creations Phoenix 125
€ 190,66

Castle Creations PHOENIX HV Controllers (Number: cc-phoenix-hv, Sorting: 300)
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CC-010-0034-00 Castle Creations Phoenix 30 High Voltage
€ 129,88
CC-010-0035-00 Castle Creations Phoenix 45 High Voltage
€ 148,43
CC-010-0038-00 Castle Creations Phoenix 85 High Voltage
€ 203,21
CC-010-0032-00 Castle Creations Phoenix 110 High Voltage
€ 266,13
CC-010-0068-00 Castle Creations Phoenix 140 High Voltage
€ 299,10

Castle Creations PHOENIX ICE Controllers (Number: cc-phoenix-ice, Sorting: 400)
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CC-010-0070-00 Castle Creations Phoenix ICE Lite 75
€ 119,96
CC-010-0071-00 Castle Creations Phoenix ICE Lite 100
€ 139,95
CC-010-0078-00 Castle Creations Phoenix ICE Lite 200
€ 322,59
CC-010-0067-00 Castle Creations Phoenix ICE 75
€ 119,96
CC-010-0061-00 Castle Creations Phoenix ICE 100
€ 139,95
CC-010-0072-00 Castle Creations Phoenix ICE 200, REV2
€ 324,69

Castle Creations PHOENIX ICE HV Controllers (Number: cc-phoenix-ice-hv, Sorting: 500)
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CC-010-0073-01 Castle Creations Phoenix ICE 40HV V2 High Voltage
€ 120,60
CC-010-0074-00 Castle Creations Phoenix ICE 60HV High Voltage
€ 139,15
CC-010-0075-01 Castle Creations Phoenix ICE2 80HV High Voltage
€ 189,94
CC-010-0085-00 Castle Creations Phoenix ICE 120HV2 High Voltage
€ 291,50

Castle Creations BEC switching regulators (Number: cc-bec, Sorting: 700)
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CC-010-0004-00 Castle Creations BEC
€ 25,99
CC-010-0004-01 Castle Creations BEC Pro
€ 45,98

Castle Creations products for Driving (1/18th scale) (Number: cc-driving-1-18, Sorting: 5000)
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CC-010-0050-00 Castle Creations Sidewinder 1:18th Micro Sport Car ESC
€ 64,94
CC-010-0059-00 Castle Creations Mamba Micro Pro 1:18th 12V Extreme Car ESC
€ 83,49

Castle Creations products for Driving (1/10th scale) (Number: cc-driving-1-10, Sorting: 5100)
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CC-010-0094-00 Castle Creations Sv2 Sidewinder 1:10th 12V Sport Car ESC
€ 74,22
CC-010-0066-00 Castle Creations Mamba Max Pro 1:10th 25V Extreme Car ESC
€ 136,77

Castle Creations products for Driving (1/8th scale) (Number: cc-driving-1-8, Sorting: 5200)
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CC-010-0081-00 Castle Creations Mamba XL, 34V, 1:8th / 1:5th Extreme Car ESC With Switching BEC
€ 333,09

Castle Creations products for Boating (Number: cc-boating, Sorting: 6000)
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CC-010-0012-00 Castle Creations Hydra HV Marine Speed Controller 120A High Voltage
€ 329,28

Hyperion ESC V3.1 - discontinued, only while stock lasts (Number: ESC v 31, Sorting: 44000)
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Scorpion Commander - 4S lipo BEC Series - Version 2 (Number: Scorpion ESC 4S, Sorting: 45000)
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SP-4S-COM110A-ESC-V2 Scorpion Commander 4S 110A ESC Version 2
€ 114,95

Scorpion Commander - 6S lipo SBEC Series (Number: scorpion 6S esc, Sorting: 45500)
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SP-6S-COM30A-ESC Scorpion Commander 6S 30A ESC w. SBEC
€ 89,96
SP-6S-COM45A-ESC Scorpion Commander 6S 45A ESC w. SBEC
€ 109,95
SP-6S-COM60A-ESC Scorpion Commander 6S 60A ESC w. SBEC
€ 119,95

Scorpion Commander - 4S lipo SBEC series - Version 3 (Number: scorpion_4s_sbec_v3, Sorting: 45500)
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Scorpion Commander - 12S lipo OPTO Series (Number: Scorpion ESC 12S, Sorting: 46000)
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Scorpion Commander - 12S lipo SBEC Series (Number: Scorpion_12s_sbec, Sorting: 47000)
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Waypoint Speed Controllers (Number: wp-esc, Sorting: 48000)
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W-EBLESC-10 Waypoint Speed Controller 10A, 3S With 1.5A BEC (8.8gr)
»This is THE controller for the indoor season 2008/2009
€ 23,19
W-EBLESC-25 Waypoint Speed Controller 25A, 4S With 2A BEC
€ 35,51
W-EBLESC-35 Waypoint Speed Controller 35A, 4S With 3A BEC
€ 45,74
W-EBLESC-45 Waypoint Speed Controller 45A, 4S With 3A BEC
€ 57,90
W-EBLESC-55 Waypoint Speed Controller 55A, 4S With 3A BEC
€ 68,14
W-EBLESC-70 Waypoint Speed Controller 70A, 4S With 3A BEC
€ 78,53
W-EBLESC-90 Waypoint Speed Controller 90A, 4S With 4A BEC
€ 89,73
W-EBLESC-110 Waypoint Speed Controller 110A, 4S With 4A BEC
€ 109,40

Scorpion ESC accessories (Number: Scorpion ESC acc, Sorting: 48000)
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